Our Purpose

The purpose of the Lakeville Community Conservatory is to contribute to securing the future of the village of Lakeville as a beautiful, economically vital, and healthy village in the greater town of Salisbury and to revitalizing and reversing the apparent decline in the village center.

The Lakeville Community Conservancy, Inc. was born out of a need, seen by local towns people in Lakeville/Salisbury, to revitalize the center of the village of Lakeville via an initiative to protect, preserve and enhance the extraordinary bounty of green spaces and parks in the midst of the village.

Board of Directors

Susan V. Galluzzo, President

Ronald E. Becker

Diana Bisselle

Megan Conklin

William Littauer

Theodore Rudd O’Neill

Nancy Van Deusen

A major goal would be to build an open-air pavilion where families and friends (young and old) could meet, socialize and/or picnic while playing tennis or pickleball or watching soccer or baseball games. During the summer months children’s programs such as Extras could use the pavilion for their activities when rain makes outdoor play impossible. At the same time we would encourage the town to refurbish the rest rooms that have been closed to the public for years.

While the Lakeville Community Conservancy is a totally volunteer organization administratively, we hire a regular group of independent contractors and established gardeners to maintain and continue to improve the areas we have highlighted above. We operate administratively via our Board and an Historic District subcommittee. We employ no administrative staff, maintain no buildings or offices and incur no administrative costs other than postage, stationery and printing, for example, although we do aspire to an office space in the village center, hopefully in the restored historic railroad Depot.